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Gmail Phone Verified Accounts

Despite the numerous social media tools and tricks that have reformed the way businesses promote themselves online, email marketing still holds the position as the most reliable one. Emails are not just great for online communication. Today, it has become a powerful tool used for more important and official work. Emails serve as the main gateway to access many online services; from bank account verification to registration on all social media platforms to other online services such as Amazon or forums, everything requires a valid email address. There are a lot of email providers in the market and most of them function the same. However, Gmail is way ahead of its competition.

Gmail is the most popular free email service provider with nearly 30% of all its users open their emails every day. While plenty of people use Gmail for personal work, it also has great functionality for businesses as well. Big commercial companies with millions of contacts worldwide can make the best use of Gmail to secure campaign deliverability and performance. Gmail offers its users a wide range of features such as easier accessibility, higher storage capacity, better security of data, organization, easier workflow, and much more. 

Gmail can be utilized as one of the best email hosting service for acquiring new customers. Integrating its simple email marketing tools; businesses can use the databases and implement the right segmentation methods in order to reach new, existing, and future customers. It triumphs overall social media marketing as it is able to deliver private, transactional messages, which results in increased customer retention and a higher profit margin.

Businesses use emails as their primary communication channel as well as for direct social communication. One cannot overlook the importance of having a good email marketing service as it can enhance your online business growth to a whole new level. If you’re looking for buying the best Gmail PVA accounts for your business, then look no further as PVAESHOP has the best Gmail PVA package for you!


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Gmail is a free email service created by Google, it started its operations back in 2004. It was the first major cloud-based application that replaced the conventional PC software. Gmail works like any other email service provider; you can send and receive emails, create an address book, remove spam, and perform other basic email tasks. 

Gmail has become one of the dominating email service providers in the industry, the reason behind it being for the security and service that it provides. Gmail provides vast storage up to 25 GB, easy to use interface, can be accessed on any device, instant search, spam filter, and other advanced features. 

What are Gmail PVA Accounts?

PVA is short for Phone Verified Accounts. In order to create a Gmail account, it is required to provide a phone number. Each Gmail account hence requires to be verified by different phone numbers. The purpose of providing a verified number is to get authentic Gmail accounts. Gmail PVA accounts are safer to use than non PVA accounts. The use of Gmail especially PVA Accounts for business purposes is expanding worldwide. Need help with bulk Gmail accounts, then we serve the best option in the market.

At PVAESHOP, we provide all kinds of PVA Gmail accounts and related services for all your social media promotions. We highly recommend you buy Bulk Gmail PVA as all our Gmail accounts are Phone Verified Accounts with a unique IP address. You can Buy Gmail PVA Accounts from us at an affordable rate and get access to a wide range, best quality Gmail accounts.

Features of Gmail PVA accounts

Gmail search

The Gmail search feature uses ‘search chops’ with email service to help you successfully manage your business account inbox. The inbox contains important customer information; misplacing a file, deleting important email messages, searching for them can be chaotic, especially if you’ve other tasks at hand. With the Gmail search feature, it allows you to intuitively search for a specific message or a piece of information hidden away in your cluttered inbox. You can use keywords, symbols, dates, or even search by sender, recipient, subject to filter your search results. There is an advanced search option where you can search within the email body based on specific words, or file attachments. 

Offline Access

Gmail offers offline support to open old emails without an internet connection. The offline mode allows you to draft and read messages, search your inbox, label, delete old emails, and queue messages for sending with limited connectivity. Sending and receiving new messages is however not possible but you can compose new emails, any new messages you are likely to send will be stored in a new ‘draft’ folder and then sent out once you come back online. You have the option to store emails from the last seven days, 30 days or 90 days, and keep offline data on your device indefinitely. 

Confidential mode

Gmail offers a confidential mode to support all your confidential emails by allowing you to add an expiration date on emails or revoke them after a certain period of time. This mode ensures better privacy of information that you share over Gmail. Sending important documents or confidential information via emails is risky, hence with this feature, you can set a specific date or time for the recipient to view or open the message. There are options to stop users from downloading their own version of the message, forwarding, copying, and printing of any of the information. This feature comes with a two-factor authentication verification for recipients to view the message. Businesses can benefit from the confidential mode especially when sharing sensitive information with clients or customers. Get Gmail PVA accounts today, and keep your information more secure.

Easily Accessible 

Gmail makes use of a web browser instead of using an email customer program for message transmissions. It is hosted in the cloud and all emails are stored as back up to protect it from permanent loss. Since Gmail is supported by the cloud, email messages can be accessed by anyone from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. This can be beneficial for businesses, employees, and customers to easily access emails without any restrictions.

Easy to use

The simple and easy interface of Gmail is available across different platforms including mobile applications and websites, PC desktop web browsers, and even third party programs. Gmail’s page structure is simple to manage and well organized making it easy to look for different folders and emails. It arranges folders by sorting unwanted emails like spams and trash to make searches quick and applicable.


Gmail offers various features to adequately arrange and sort messages as indicated by topic and significance. Gmail’s labeling feature helps to organize a bunch of email content and organize messages by the project to increase productivity, save time, and make searching for email without any hassle. Gmail users can combine their yahoo email and Hotmail accounts with their Gmail account all in one place so that they don’t have to search from emails from different accounts. Buy Gmail PVA accounts from PVAESHOP and get the best package at an affordable range.

Spam management

Gmail regularly filters out unwanted messages and spams by securely moving it to an organizer that users can easily view and move to trash if nothing important has entered.

Scheduling emails

Gmail provides the option to schedule Gmail messages at exactly the day and time you need the emails to be sent. This feature is great when you plan on sending a large number of emails all at once especially for your marketing campaigns. You can create a calendar of future mailings that can be pre-planned and will be delivered at the scheduled time set. Gmail PVA accounts have all the necessary servers and software inbuilt to prevent you from facing any deliverability issue.

If you want to improve your online marketing strategies and increase profits at the same time, then buy PVA Gmail accounts and get access to all the features and benefits. Buy Gmail accounts as they are more reliable, feasible, and provide better results. 

Benefits of Gmail PVA accounts for your business

Gmail has become the best medium for spreading your online presence and aid in growing your brand. In case you plan on generating higher revenue, then the better option would be to buy Gmail PVA accounts to meet all media marketing related requirements.

Cost-effective marketing

Marketing is an essential form of business communication and the only way to drive up sales and grow your brand however different forms of marketing such as TV ads, billboard ads can take a huge hit on the budget. Email marketing is great for any business without having to spend huge amounts on advertisements. 

Gmail has proven to be the most cost-effective and the best form of marketing when it comes to acquiring new customers and new business as nearly 80% of new businesses are formed from existing clients which makes Gmail an even more powerful business tool. Every email pays forward in building brand awareness while sharing the relevant brand messages with viable, existing, and potential audiences saves a significant amount in advertising investments. This results in higher sales and ultimately larger profit margins. Buy Gmail PVA accounts today and enhance your business growth.

Efficient communication channel

Gmail can play a prominent role in any business’s communication channel as it allows you to connect with people from all around the world. Gmail has more than 1.2 billion active users worldwide and businesses can take advantage of such a large user base. Gmail is a quick, cost-effective, professional, and personal communication medium that has the ability to communicate to more than one person at the same time. It serves as a great platform for interacting with prospective customers by delivering private, transactional messages and strengthening personal relationships with them. It acts as the first step in reaching your goal and that is the conversion and ultimately sales. Buy Gmail PVA accounts to increase customer retention, efficiently reach your prospective audience, and leverage your brand. PVAESHOP has the right package to meet your business requirements.


Gmail accounts offer businesses a great source of storage space up to 25 GB which allows companies to store plenty of messages including large files. You can even send attachment worth 25 MB or sent files up to 10 GB by using Google drive. This feature is far superior to email services rather than being limited by storage space on a corporate server or hard drives. Buy bulk Gmail PVA accounts from PVAESHOP for your business and take advantage of huge online storage facilities.

Privacy & Security

Gmail accounts are great for business as they are backed up on Google’s platform which has guaranteed support as well as consistent services. Gmail offers more privacy as data is transmitted through a secure SSL encrypted connection, along with a two-factor authentication security feature. This 2 step verification feature is important if you use google drive as cloud back up for all your business-related devices. Gmail also provides protection from online threats by using virus and malware checking filters. This software ensures that your business account is regularly updated and protected from any harm. Buy 100% secured and real Gmail PVA accounts from PVAESHOP with guaranteed services at affordable prices.

Customer Relationship Management 

With the help of Gmail-based CRM solutions and tools, a business can help in boosting productivity and enhance sales. Using CRM tools can help businesses to organize data and facilities the whole process of managing leads, prospects, and clients. Google contacts is a great tool for CRM database as it allows business users to store customer information and use them whenever needed. Important information such as birthdays, website links, relationships can be stored on Google contacts CRM. Gmail allows businesses to segment customers according to different groups either by using existing pre-set groups or add new ones according to your sales requirements. Track sales activities of particular customers, add notes and even create subfolders to store data for future related needs. Important performance metrics related to a specific email such as a number of sends open, bounces, clicks, and unsubscribes can be easily tracked using your PVA accounts. You can even track sales related to a selected email, this way you can measure your revenue and how well the marketing plan was implemented. Buy Gmail accounts can get access to important customer data for all your marketing needs.

Why choose PVAESHOP to buy Gmail PVA accounts?

  • All Gmail PVA accounts provided by us are 100% verified accounts. Each account is created using a unique IP. 
  • All our PVA accounts are created by a team of experts to ensure that all PVA accounts provided to you are of top quality and performance.
  • Pay and get bulk Gmail PVA accounts delivered within 24 hours after payment.
  • Chat with us if you have any query, our support team is available for 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  • We provide the best and secure PVA accounts, for any information related to Gmail PVA accounts, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Are all the Gmail accounts phone verified?


Yes, rest assured, we provide 100% phone verified accounts

  • Can I buy Gmail accounts in large quantities?


Yes, we offer bulk Gmail PVA accounts, we can have them delivered to you within 24 to 48 hours after payment is confirmed.


  • Will these Gmail accounts be suspended in the future?


We offer our Gmail accounts free from suspension, in case there is any 1% to 2% account drops, we will repair it free of charge. 


  • How to buy Gmail PVA accounts?


You can buy Gmail PVA accounts from our website. Just follow the steps; go to the services menu and select the desired PVA account. Select the package and proceed to the checkout. There are some terms and conditions you must follow. Once you complete the payment you will get your accounts immediately. 


  • Can I really buy Gmail accounts?


Yes, you can buy Gmail accounts. The concept of buying Gmail accounts is not new, our company offers 100% verified PVA accounts with top-notch quality and guaranteed service. If you plan on buying, then please contact us. 


  • How can I get Gmail PVA accounts at a reasonable rate?


PVAESHOP is a PVA account providing platform. If you are looking for verified PVA accounts at an affordable price, then you can buy from us. You can buy Gmail accounts from 5 to 1000 in a day starting at just $5. We even have a wide range of accounts from different countries such as USA PVA Gmail accounts all a reasonable rate. 


  • Are these accounts real and safe to use?


All accounts offered from us are 100% real and verified. Real accounts from human users, we can assure that we don’t promote fake accounts. All Google accounts are safe to use, they usually don’t ban any Gmail accounts. Your data and information will remain safe and secure along with the accounts.